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"Praegnant-perfekte Klassik"

...Ein erster Hoehepunkt war das Konzert fuer Violoncello und Orchester G-Dur von Luigi Boccherini mit der Solistin Katharina Paslawski. In diesem liebenswuerdigen Werk sucht eine junge Kuenstlerin nach dem Elan vital, dem natuerlichen Fluss, dem gehaltvollen Pathos (2.Satz) und Charme dieser Musik. den Bogen fuehrt sie mit einer Ebenmaessigkeit und Ruhe, die verblueffend ist. Die Kadenzen hatten gewicht, Praegnanz und hoechste Perfektion.
Riesen-Applaus und Wiederholung des Adagios...
Helmut Gaertner. Mit Kammerorchester Hannover. Stadthalle Deggendorf / Alemania.

“Very good discoveries”
Santiago/Chile. Director Symphony Orchestra of Chile Carlos Ramon Dourthé.

Katharina Paslawski gave the great maestral blow when making debut like soloists in Chile. It was the great central figure of the Concert for Hoop and Orchestra of Edward Elgar, offering a delivery whose excellence seemed to have itself very kept. In absolute conjunction with an orchestra that Dourthé handled plenary session in virtues, the Paslawski unfolded all kindness that usually shows the famous ones and consecrated. Opened they are to him, then, all our scenes to continue enjoying the splendid art that Pole installed in Chile. By Mario Córdova.

Debut with the Symphony Orchestra of Chile
Santiago/Chile. Director Orquesta Sinfónica de Chile Carlos Ramón Dourthé.

The notable and significant Concert for Violonchelo and Orchestra in E minor Op. 85 of Edward Elgar, (1857 - 1934) that followed in the program, could not have found better interpreter than Katarina Paslawski, whom touching of memory, it impresses by his music and quality, beautiful, refining and great sound. Of clear fraseos, precise joints and great expresividad, conquered the public. In order to appreciate this work it is required of a great interpreter, as it were it Paslawski. It is difficult to forget his double cords, the use of the Staccatos, as well as its security in the “Perpetual Movement”. But nothing of the previous thing would have been obtained of not counting on the direction accurate of Dourthé, that with a total dominion of the work, we remember that it also is Chelista, obtained a remarkable answer of the Orchestra, that secundo to the solista in this dramatic one chose, to moan way, that Elgar wrote when concluding World War I. Orchestra, solista and director were fused in an exquisite version, that will be remembered by long time. Remarkable concert, with a solista and a director that deserve to be more often in the scene, and which they received one long one, been thankful and right ovación. Gilberto Ponce.

© Katharina Paslawski, 2006